Bad Credit Lending Programs that offer Loans for People with Bad Credit!

By Keith Rossignol a reporter without borders

Hello my name is Keith Rossignol and this report focuses on loans for people with challenged credit.


Just because you have challenged credit does not mean you should be taken advantage of "by online lenders and scammers pretending to be lenders".


The nature of this report is to help guide you down the right path; “as you know the internet is full of scammers and spammers”. Many are grossly taking advantage of good people who feel less than qualified when trying to get “loans with bad credit & no credit check”.


While certainly they are many online lenders with creditable loan programs for challenged credit people, unfortunately a lot of bad apples are out their too.


Simple put my goal here is to help you find the financing you seek today by pointing you in the right direction "when getting loans with bad credit or no credit.”


You can be confident in your quest to find top of the line lenders & brokers who can help you with your financial needs for personal loans, auto loans and credit cards for challenged credit people, as I review them under cover as a consumer borrower just like you.


Bad Loan Credit Lending Scams

The scammers will tell you that “they are lenders” and have “approved you for a loan” but before they can give you the money you must first send them money upfront, usually by western union. This is a big mistake many people make so please govern yourself and read this free report.


Some scammers and spammers just want all your personal information to sell your identification or something ells to whoever is willing to pay for it.


Let me say one thing up front, it is my goal to help you succeed in your financial quest in the best way possible.


The reviews & tools I find may help inform you to which loan programs are worthy, following the K.I.S.S. mindset to save you time and expand your mind by strengthening your knowledge to increase your chances of getting a better loan and ultimately not be scammed.


I hope this report benefits you and you are the type of person who will find my credit report review useful.




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Making The Right Decisions

 Which Loan Is Right For You?

Be responsible, borrow based upon your ability to repay.

Review all the terms carefully before accepting a loan offer. Each lender has their own guidelines and policies for granting loans; they also have their own policies regarding what happens if you default on the loan.


Comparing the Annual Percentage Rate of several different lenders can help you when making a financial decision. Review the applicable laws and regulations governing loan rates and fees in your state: Carefully consider the repayment schedule, fees & interest associated with any loan offered to you.

Keep in mind brokers are not the lenders rather an introduction service that match you to lenders that may offer you a wide variety of financial programs based on the information you submit.

Please, Borrow Responsibly Your future financial well-being is a priority.

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